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Boomerang Demon is an enemy that appears in The Crystal Trap.[1] Dwelling beneath Midoro Palace, these boomerang-like enemies have small, sharp teeth and can fly and hurl themselves against their victim. Arrows are useless against the Boomerang Demons, but weapons such as a dagger can easily defeat these monsters.[2]

The Boomerang Demon is only shown in the book if Princess Zelda decides to stay by Link's side after he is encased in the crystal. She is soon attacked by one of these flying foes, which she defeats easily with the use of her dagger, but is then suddenly surrounded by them.[3] If Zelda chooses to stay and fight the Boomerang Demons, she will be unable to defeat them all since they now have her surrounded, eventually dying in the process.[4] However, if the princess chooses to leave the Boomerang-Demon-infested room, she will eventually find a way out and escape the attack of the demons.[5]


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