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Boom Bam Golf is a Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild.[2]

Location and Rules[]

Boom Bam Golf is a Mini-Game run by Modar on the Tanagar Canyon Course, which is located along the bottom of the Tanagar Canyon. Modar invented the game recently after he rolled down a hill, making him the first and only one to play it.[3] Despite this, he claims that it is famous and that none of the participants can get enough of it.[4]

When Link first speaks to Modar, he recognizes that Link is tough and asks if he would like to play a round of Boom Bam Golf.[2] If Link asks what it is, Modar realizes that it is sensible that he has never heard of it before.[5] He explains that the objective of the game is to hit the Ball into the hole at the end of Tanagar Canyon Course, which is marked by a Big Flag.[6] Link's score will increase the fewer hits it takes to reach the goal, and he only has to pay 20 Rupees to play.[7]

While Modar suggests using two-handed Weapons to send the Ball flying, he reminds Link not to overdo it.[8] On the other hand, single-handed Weapons can be used to move the Ball short distances, but they can also be easily broken.[9] Alternatively, Modar says he should go wild on the Ball, as the more power he puts into his swings, the further it will go.[10]

Unfortunately, if Link hits the Ball off of the Tanagar Canyon Course, he will be forced to take a one-stroke penalty and continue from his previous location.[11] Modar promises to keep track of the number of strokes Link has taken, instructing Link to reach the goal in less than 20 strokes.[12] There are no rules limiting how Link hits the Ball, but Modar suggests sending it as far as possible with every stroke.[13] No matter how far the Ball goes, if it moves even a little bit, Modar counts it as a stroke.[14]

When Link agrees to play, Modar will be excited,[15] before he then asks for the fee of 20 Rupees.[1] After this fee is paid, Link will then be free to play.[16] In order to play the game, Link must use the Stasis Rune to keep the Ball in place while he hits it. Otherwise, it will barely move. Each time the Ball is launched counts as a single stroke. The Mini-Game ends when Link either runs out of strokes or reaches the goal.[17]

If Link takes all 20 hits allowed, Modar will stop the game and tell him to try again sometime.[18] He is saddened so see someone reach 20 strokes, informing Link that he was rooting for him.[19] In addition, if Link starts to stray from the Tanagar Canyon Course, Modar will call out to stop him.[20] He warns Link that if he goes any further, he will be forced to end the game.[21] If Link goes further, Modar will disqualify him.[22] He tells Link that he should have said if he wanted to quit, but he says to come back and play when he is ready.[23]

After the game is over, Modar will look over Link's score. If it took Link more than 11 shots to reach the goal, Modar will be disappointed and tell him that Boom Bam Golf is not that hard.[24] He encourages Link not to give up and to keep practicing.[25]

When Link reaches the goal between six and 10 shots, Modar reveals that he thinks Link can do better.[26] However, he assures Link that the game takes time to figure out, saying "every journey starts with a single stroke".[27] As a reward, he gives Link a Red Rupee.

Next, when Link reaches the goal in four or five shots, Modar remarks that he is becoming a heavyweight.[28] However, he reminds Link that he has yet to beat the record and encourages him to keep trying.[29] He then gives Link a Purple Rupee as a reward.

If Link reached the goal in three or less shots, Modar is shocked and says he could be a professional at Boom Bam Golf if there were a league.[30][note 1] While he has forgotten his own score, Modar recalls that it was somewhere around Link's.[31] He believes Link will be able to help make Boom Bam Golf popular, and he encourages him to keep playing and get higher scores.[32] After this, he will give him a Silver Rupee.

Once Modar has given Link his reward, he asks if he wants to play again.[33] If Link refuses, Modar is comforted that he at least got to see the beauty of Boom Bam Golf for himself.[34]


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  1. It is impossible to achieve a hole in one without moving the Ball with a Mine Cart.


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