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Books are recurring Objects in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

Location and Uses[]

The Legend of Zelda[]

Main article: Book of Magic

A Link to the Past[]

Main article: Book of Mudora

Link's Awakening[]

In the Village Library, Link can find the following books:

Book Use
Atlas of Koholint Island View the Map of Koholint Island
Auto Map and Memo Guide Book How to use the Atlas of Koholint Island
Dark Secrets And Mysteries Of Koholint Navigating the Egg Maze
Fun With Bombs How to use Bombs
How to Handle Your Shield Like a Pro!
Secrets Of The Whirling Blade How to perform Spin Attack
Selecting The Item That's Right For You
The Properties of Warp Points How to use Warp Points

Ocarina of Time[]

Main article: Gravekeeper's Diary

One book, the Gravekeeper's Diary, can be found. It's located in Dampé's house in the Kakariko Village Graveyard.

Majora's Mask[]

Link can obtain the Bombers' Notebook, an item used to keep track of characters and quests throughout the game's three-day cycle. There are also four diaries found in the game:

Book Author Location
Granny's Diary Granny Stock Pot Inn
Kafei's Diary Kafei Mayor's Residence
Lulu's Diary Lulu Zora Hall
Mikau's Diary Mikau Zora Hall

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons[]

There are two Books that can be found:

Four Swords Adventures[]

Main article: Magic Book

The Minish Cap[]

Books play a prominent role in obtaining the Flippers in The Minish Cap. There are three overdue Library Books that Link must retrieve in order to reach Librari in the Royal Hyrule Library: A Hyrulean Bestiary, Legend of the Picori, and A History of Masks. When these three Books are found and returned, Link can shrink down to Minish size and climb their spines to reach Librari, who will let Link to face his Trial and reward him with the Flippers.

If Link Fuses Kinstone Pieces with the Postman, Marcy appears in the Post Office and begins selling volumes of the Swordsman Newsletter for 200 Rupees each. There are a total of eight volumes, and a new volume becomes available each time Link obtains a Tiger Scroll.

Twilight Princess[]

Main article: Ancient Sky Book

Phantom Hourglass[]

Skyward Sword[]

In Skyward Sword, Books are decorative objects. Several Books of different sizes can be seen in Link's room at the Knight Academy. One of them is open on his desk and features images of different Birds.

Tri Force Heroes[]

Main article: Drablands Diary

Breath of the Wild[]

Several Books can be found throughout Hyrule Kingdom. Reading them can reveal both character backstories and recipes to Link.

Book Author Location
An Ancient Text Unknown Fort Hateno
Camera Manual Purah Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Castle Library Book Unknown Library
Chef Aurie Taamu, Vol. 1 Aurie Taamu Gerudo Town
Chef Aurie Taamu, Vol. 2 Aurie Taamu Gerudo Town
Chief's Diary Riju Riju's Bedroom
Daruk's Training Journal (TCB) Daruk Goron City
Girl's Notebook Unknown Village Chief's House
Ivee's Diary Ivee East Wind
Journal of Various Worries Cado
Impa's House
Kass's Journal Kass Washa's Bluff
King Rhoam's Journal King Rhoam King's Study
Mipha's Diary (TCB) Mipha Zora's Domain Throne Room
Misa's Recipe Book Misa The Slippery Falcon
Misko's EX Journal (TMT) Misko Outpost Ruins
Misko's EX Journal 2 (TCB) Misko Deya Village Ruins
Mountain Peak Log Unknown Mount Granajh
Paya's Diary Paya Impa's House
Purah's Diary Purah Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Robbie's Memoirs Robbie Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
Rumor Mill: Volume 1 Traysi Enchanted
Rumor Mill: Volume 2 Traysi Rito Stable
Rumor Mill: Volume 3 Traysi Outskirt Stable
Rumor Mill: Volume 4 Traysi East Akkala Stable
Rumor Mill: Volume 5 Traysi Wetland Stable
Rumor Mill: Volume 6 Traysi Lakeside Stable
Rumor Mill: Volume 7 Traysi Kara Kara Bazaar Inn
Selmie's Notes Selmie
Hebra Trailhead Lodge
Sheikah Sensor Notes Symin Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Sheikah Slate Manual Purah Hateno Ancient Tech Lab
Super Rumor Mill V1 (TMT) Traysi Woodland Stable
Super Rumor Mill V2 (TMT) Traysi South Akkala Stable
Super Rumor Mill V3 (TCB) Traysi Highland Stable
Super Rumor Mill V4 (TCB) Traysi Riverside Stable
The Diary of Revali (TCB) Unknown Teba's Home
The Old Man's Diary Old Man Old Man's Cabin
Urbosa's Diary (TCB) Urbosa Riju's Bedroom
Zelda's Diary Princess Zelda Princess Zelda’s Room
Zelda's Research Notes Princess Zelda Princess Zelda’s Study

Other Appearances[]

The Faces of Evil[]

Main article: Book of Koridai


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  1. "The detailed instructions are written down in the book on the desk there. You should read them." — Symin (Breath of the Wild)