"I am Bonooru, the scarecrow musical genius! I hear a song once, and I never forget it, baby!"
— Bonooru

Bonooru is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He is a stationary scarecrow whom Link encounters on his travels.


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Bonooru can be found near Lake Hylia in the childhood portion of the game along with Pierre, the self-proclaimed traveling scarecrow. If Link shows Bonooru his Fairy Ocarina or Ocarina of Time, Bonooru will ask for a tune to be played to see if he can memorize it; this song becomes the "Scarecrow's Song". The song must be an original song composed by the player; he will not accept an existing song or another sequence of notes that the game already uses for another purpose. When Link is an adult, playing the song to Bonooru again will result in him offering the player the services of his friend Pierre, who is now absent from Lake Hylia because he is exploring Hyrule.

Utilizing the "Scarecrow's Song", Link can now summon Pierre in specific areas; Navi will usually give the player some indication of where these areas are by turning green and targeting an apparently blank area of the landscape. When the "Scarecrow's Song" is played while Navi highlights an area, Pierre appears from the ground, allowing Link to use his Hookshot or Longshot on him, transporting him from where he is standing to Pierre's location, allowing him to enter previously inaccessible areas.

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