Bomskits are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. They are insect-like creatures, mostly resembling bipedal fleas, that inhabit southern Hyrule Field and Kakariko Gorge, where they forage for food on the open plains. While more or less menacing in appearance, they are a timid and nonaggressive species that pose little to no threat to passersby.

Bomskits are highly mobile and, if intimidated, can run at very high speeds; faster than the likes of Epona and Wolf Link. If pursued, they will drop a barrage of volatile organic "bombs" (which are similar to eggs) behind themselves as part of a natural defense mechanism. If touched, these will rupture with enough force to cause damage, hopefully stalling the pursuer long enough for the Bomskit to flee to safety.

Due to their wary nature, Bomskits are not easily approached and can be quite difficult to defeat with melee weapons, such as swords. However, ranged weapons tend to work quite efficiently, such as the Hero's Bow, the Clawshot. If Link keeps a certain distance between himself and the Bombskit, it is possible to kill it a shot from the Ball and Chain. Also, the Gale Boomerang & Slingshot can stun them for brief periods of time. Upon defeat, Bomskits will, oddly enough, leave behind a worm which Link can then scoop up in a bottle and use it as bait for his Fishing Rod.

By using Epona or his Wolf Link form, it is possible to chase them down despite their running speed and egg bombs. Wolf Link can also kill them by using Midna's energy field. If Link is quick enough they can also be killed using a Bombling.


The name "Bomskit" appears to be a portmanteau of the words "bomb," referring to the bombs that Bomskits drop, and "skittish," referring to their skittish nature. Alternatively, the word "skitter" means to run quickly and lightly, usually with frequent light contacts or changes of direction, which could refer to the way Bomskits move.

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