"We Bombers have a hideout that leads to the observatory outside town. You need a code to get in. Maybe I'll tell you what it is!"

The Bombers' Hideout is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. It is the secret hideout of the Bombers Secret Society of Justice. The entrance to the Bombers' Hideout is located in East Clock Town. After Link plays the Bombers' Hide-and-Seek game and becomes part of the Bombers Secret Society of Justice, he is given the five digit password needed to gain entry to the Hideout. The entrance to the Hideout found in East Clock Town is guarded by a sixth member of the Bombers who did not participate in the Hide-and-Seek game. When Link gives the Bombers guard the password, he is allowed entry into the secret hideout.

The Bombers' Hideout is a dark, tunnel-like area. A canal flows through the hideout, and it is not the safest building in Clock Town by any means; Skulltulas infest the dark hallways and will attack if Link approaches. The main room of the Bomber's Hideout has a ladder that leads to the Astral Observatory, and it is blocked by a giant balloon with Majora's Mask on it. Link must pop the balloon using a projectile in order to successfully pass through the Bombers' Hideout and reach the Astral Observatory. The interior of the Bombers' Hideout bears a striking resemblance to a sewer, and it may in fact be a part of Clock Town's sewer system.


  • Upon entering the hideout by way of East Clock Town, there is a passage leading to the left. A Skulltula blocks the passage, requiring quick maneuvering on the part of Link or certain weapons to dispatch. At the end of this passage is a Weak Wall, behind which lies a chest containing a Silver Rupee, worth 100 Rupees.
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