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Bomb Barrel Moblins are Enemies in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.[name reference needed]


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Bomb Barrel Moblins are Moblins of any color with a container filled with Bomb Barrels attached to their back. This container is reinforced with metal shields to presumably protect from the Bomb Barrels exploding in the container, though they are perfectly able to protect themselves from their own Bomb Barrels. When they die, unlike a regular enemy, they explode, which can hurt you. They're based off the Weaponless Moblin fighting style, but heavily modified. Their attacks are as follows.

  • Slamming their fist forward
  • Kicking forward
  • Throwing a bomb barrel (short range)
  • Throwing a bomb barrel (Long range)
  • Kicking a bomb barrel forward


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