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Bokoblin Summoners are a type of Bokoblin that appear as enemies in Hyrule Warriors.

Bokoblin Summoners wear cow skulls as macabre helmets and wield large Horns like the ones used by Bokoblin Leaders in Skyward Sword.

Bokoblin Summoners are first encountered in The Sorceress of the Valley, where they appear as members of Cia's Dark Forces.

They act as the first Summoner type enemies encountered by the player, which are capable of summoning additional enemy units, which effectively makes them a priority targets for players, as they can easily flood the battlefield with enemy troops putting the player and their allied units in a position of being overwhelmed by sheer numbers. However Bokoblin Summons are only slight stronger than regular Bokoblins and are comparable to Bokoblin Captains. Killing them is the only way to stop them from summoning additional troops.


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