"A rare material obtained by defeating a Bokoblin. It convulses on its own every now and then, which is really creepy, but perhaps it has a use."
— In-game description

Bokoblin Guts are Materials from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are monster parts commonly dropped by Blue, Black and Silver Bokoblins when defeated. Bokoblins are found abundantly throughout Hyrule, appearing both individually and in camps. Link can also purchase Bokoblin Guts at High Spirits Produce in Kakariko Village which sells three at a time before needing to restock.

They can be sold to shops and merchants for 20 Rupees or to Kilton at the Fang and Bone for 10 Mon. As they sell for a decent amount of Mon and can be purchased with Rupees Link can use them as a way to convert Rupees into Mon by purchasing them then selling them for Mon.

These items were initially called Bokoblin Livers in early development.


Like other monster parts, Bokoblin Guts can be cooked to make Elixirs. They do not add any special effects to an elixir. Adding Bokoblin Guts to a dish or failing to add critters in cooking will result in Dubious Food.

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