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The Bokoblin Base is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. As its name suggests, it is the base of operations for the Bokoblins in Eldin Volcano.


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While searching for the Fire Dragon, Link is blown off course by the volcano erupting. When he awakens, he finds that he has been captured by Bokoblins and robbed of all of his equippable items. After Plats returns the Mogma Mitts to him, Link must regain five of his items; the Clawshots, the Slingshot, the Bombs, the Whip, and the Gust Bellows. If he is spotted by a Bokoblin, he is hit with a boulder from a catapult and loses two Hearts. Once he reaches the Volcano Summit, he regains the Master Sword, the Adventure Pouch, and his other items, and finds the Fire Dragon to learn his part of the "Song of the Hero".

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