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Boko Nut
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Pressing switches

Boko Nuts are objects in The Wind Waker.[1]


Tingle's Comment


Boko Nut

A Boko Nut!

You could pick it up and hit things with it!

Found in the Forbidden Woods and Horseshoe Island, Boko Nuts grow on a special stalk, from which the nut can be dislodged. Link can pick one up and carry it around rooms. Eventually, the nut will decompose and fall apart. A new nut will then grow in place of the old one. These nuts can be used as blunt weapons to defeat enemies and are required to open a few doors.[1] They can also be used to press special switches. If a Boko Nut is out of reach, Link can use the Deku Leaf to blow it from its stalk.[2]


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