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Boko Baba
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Boko baba front.png
A Boko Baba from the Front

The Boko Baba is an enemy that appears in The Wind Waker. It is a plant-like enemy similar to the Deku Baba, and given the possible timeline placements of The Wind Waker, it may be theorized to be an evolved descendant. It looks like a harmless Baba Bud, but when Link approaches, it springs out revealing its monstrous head. The Boko Baba is very similar in appearance to a Venus Flytrap and even has similar "teeth" to one. It hangs out its purple tipped, yellow tongue, and drools purple saliva, craving for the green garbed hero. A larger form of Boko Baba also appears in the game; the boss Kalle Demos.

The Boko Baba has three methods of attack; a surprise attack when it first springs out of its bud, a simple bite or headbutt attack, and its unblockable eating attack. The latter can be anticipated when it licks its lips, and it subsequently grabs and vigorously chews Link in its large mouth, dealing 1¼ hearts of damage every couple of seconds. Luckily, Link is too big for a Boko Baba to swallow and will be spat out.

To kill the Boko Baba, one must attack it until it straightens its neck (following two sword slashes), and then sever its head. Alternatively the Boomerang will kill it in one hit. In its normal dying animation, the head is chopped off and both bud and head disappear in a cloud of black smoke. Hitting it with the Hookshot will straighten up its neck. If it is killed by being struck with the Skull Hammer, a different dying animation will follow, whereby its head is flattened on the ground and then bursts (without the usual black smoke). Subsequently the Boko Bud will also explode.

When defeated, depending upon the Boko Baba, it may leave its bud behind intact. It also leaves behind a Boko Stick, and sometimes a Boko Baba Seed which is also possible to obtain using the Grappling Hook.

Tingle's Comment


Boko Baba

A Boko Baba!

Be careful! It'll try to eat you!

Baba Bud

Main article: Baba Bud

When Link jumps into a Baba Bud, it will spit him high into the air in any direction. Upon jumping into one, as a bonus, a small amount of magic power will be recovered. This is important, because many areas require Link to use the Deku Leaf (a magic-consuming item) after jumping out of the Baba Bud. It should be noted that the actual bud and a bud occupied by a Boko Baba are slightly different colors.


  • The Boko Baba's Italian name, Nefentyax, is likely derived from the Nepenthes genus of carnivorous plants.

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