"These creatures that mimic Baba Buds attempt to swallow anything that comes near. Defeat them by stunning them with a jump attack and then cutting their stems."

Boko Babas are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Boko Babas are carnivorous plant enemies that live in within the Forest Haven and the Forbidden Woods on the Great Sea. They are similar in appearance and name to Deku Babas, and may very well be an evolved species adapted to the new terrain of the Great Sea. Boko Babas first appear as harmless Baba Buds, resembling them in all but coloration, when they sense a victim getting close, they spring out, revealing their monstrous heads (Boko Babas can be distinguished from Baba Buds by their coloration; Boko Babas are red and dark purple, whereas Baba Buds are lighter shades of purple). They have mouths similar to that of a Venus Flytrap, with purple-tipped yellow tongues dripping purple saliva, as well as four eyes.

Boko Babas have three methods of attack; biting, headbutting, and, after licking their "lips", attempting to swallow their victim whole. The latter attack method is less effective on Link due to his size, and he will only be chewed a few times before being spat out. He can also use a Spin Attack to escape this attack more quickly. A Boko Baba can be stunned with either multiple strikes with a sword in quick succession, a blow from the Hookshot, or a blast of wind with the Deku Leaf, revealing the tender stem. If Link gets behind a Boko Baba whilst attacking Link, it will go back to its defensive position and after a couple seconds, will use a suprise attack to damage Link. Before the Boko Baba returns back to a defensive position, it can be killed by severing its stem with either a sword or the boomerang, the latter of which is more effective as it kills the plant instantly with no stunning techniques involved. Killing a Boko Baba leaves behind a Boko Stick and possibly a Boko Baba Seed, while certain ones will turn into Baba Buds.

If Link is low on magic, Boko Babas can be used to replenish magic if they are L-targeted and struck with the Grappling Hook multiple times. If Link uses Ice Arrows on a Boko Baba, it will freeze to death and wither away as soon as the ice breaks. Fire Arrows are also effective.

Additionally, Kalle Demos, the boss of the Forbidden Woods, appears to be a Boko Baba with a giant bud and several tentacle-like roots.

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