"Be careful... I sense a lot of evil here."

Boes are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. These small, ball-shaped enemies appear in both white and black forms. They are very weak, and can be defeated with one sword strike. Boes rarely attack alone, they tend to attack in packs of 7 or more. They attack by jumping, but Link will not be hurt if he walks up to one and touches it. The best way to defeat a large mass is to shift into Goron form and perform a ground pound. This usually defeats all of them at once.

Boes can be found in many locations. They appear in three of the four major dungeons: Woodfall Temple, Snowhead Temple and Stone Tower Temple. In addition to these, there is a large Hidden Hole near the Mountain Village that requires Link to be in Goron form to get through; that passageway also contains both black and white Boes. Boes sometimes hide in pots such as in the Oceanside Spider House and Beneath the Well.

Often, Boes are found in giant masses, sometimes over 30 at a time. Additionally, they are accompanied by a White Wolfos in the Snowhead Temple, and can only be fought by first destroying a layer of frozen icicles preventing further entry.

Interestingly, near identical enemies called Bos appear in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.

Tatl's Note

Black Boe

Tatl Artwork Just calm down and attack it! Look, there are just a lot of them, that's all.

White Boe

Tatl Artwork Just calm down and attack it! Yeah, yeah, yeah...There are just a lot of them, OK?


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