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Bodyguards are characters from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. Because Tingle is not the greatest fighter, Bodyguards can be hired to protect him during battles and aid him with some puzzles.

All Bodyguards have three statistics based on Health, Strength, and Defense that determine their effectiveness in battle. Personality also plays a factor. Combative Bodyguards will rush an enemy on sight and attack, ignoring Tingle's commands. Likewise, lazy Bodyguards will ignore Tingle's commands and avoid fights if possible. Only smart Bodyguards will obey if ordered to attack an enemy, and will instantly join any fight that Tingle is already in.

If a Bodyguard loses all of his or her Health, he or she will lie on the ground and wait for Tingle to revive him or her with another offer of Rupees. The Bodyguard will remain until Tingle hires a new one or leaves the continent.

In dungeons, Bodyguards can be used to help Tingle reach secret areas and acquire Rupee Goods or other rewards, such as the Rupee Tree. Small Bodyguards can crawl into holes too large for Tingle to fit through and pull out Treasure Chests, medium Bodyguards can pick the locks on doors, and large Bodyguards can pick up and smash rocks blocking the path.

Most bodyguards appear exclusively on one of the three continents, the only exception to this being the three Drifter Bodyguards: Ronny, Yamori and Teddy Todo. These three are the most powerful Bodyguards in the game and can be found in various spots on all three continents.


To hire a non-drifter bodyguard, Tingle must go to a Salon and attempt to speak to him or her. A Salona will stop Tingle and must be payed to speak with the body guard for him. Tingle then suggests a payment for the bodyguard. If the price is too low, the bodyguard refuses and Tingle must pay the Salona again in order to suggest another price. When a bodyguard accepts Tingle's offer, he or she will take the payment and remain with Tingle until out of health or until Tingle leaves the continent.

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