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"They may look like mere rabbits at a fleeting glance, but these strange and aptly named creatures glow with a mysterious blue light. While the details of their origins are entirely unknown, there is one thing we do know: these peculiar little things have a penchant for collecting rupees."
— In-game description

Blupees are a race from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are glowing creatures which may resemble rabbits at first sight. They flee when they notice Link and eventually disappear in a flash of light. They drop Rupees when they are struck by an arrow, Remote Bomb, thrown Boomerang, or melee weapon. They cannot be killed. As they drop rupees each time they are hit, and as they start running erratically after they are hit, it's best to attack them with a method that involves striking them multiple times quickly, such as with a spear's charged attack or shooting arrows in mid-air.

Blupees can be found in the forest around the Great Fairy Fountain near Kakariko Village. Several Blupees appear on Satori Mountain near or surrounding the Lord of the Mountain who protects animals there. Link must take a picture of a Blupee for the Korok Peeks during the side quest "Legendary Rabbit Trial". Peeks speculates that Blupees may be responsible for making all the Rupees found in Hyrule.


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Given their similarities in appearance to rabbits which do not appear in Breath of the Wild, Blupees may have been evolved from Rabbits before going extinct in Ocarina of Time. Their flighty nature, invulnerability, and ability to disappear may also be a result of evolution which allowed them to avoid being hunted to extinction like their predecessors. Their habit of dropping Rupees may also be a defense mechanism to distract hunters. Furthermore, given their otherworldly appearance Blupees may be a spiritual manifestation of the wild rabbits that once inhabited Hyrule which would explain their glowing bodies, abilities, and invulnerability to being killed. As legends say Lord of the Mountain may be a holy creature and a reincarnation of a sage, Blupees may be also spiritual beings.

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