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BotW Blupee Model.png
Era(s)Era of the Wilds
Habitat(s)Greater Hyrule Kingdom

Blupee are Creatures in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Hyrule Compendium Entry

029 (029) Blupee
BotW Hyrule Compendium Blupee.png
They may look like mere rabbits at a fleeting glance, but these strange and aptly named creatures glow with a mysterious blue light. While the details of their origins are entirely unknown, there is one thing we do know: these peculiar little things have a penchant for collecting rupees.
Common Locations
Recoverable Materials

Blupees resemble glowing, blue Rabbits that flee when noticing Link, eventually disappearing in a flash of light. They drop Rupees when struck by an Arrow, a Remote Bomb, a thrown Boomerang, or any melee weapon; though they cannot be killed. Blupees can be found in forests all over Hyrule Kingdom. Several Blupees gather on Satori Mountain every time the Lord of the Mountain appears.

During the "Legendary Rabbit Trial" Side Quest, Link must take a picture of a Blupee for Peeks in exchange for a Silver Rupee.[2] Afterward, Peeks speculates that perhaps Blupees make all the Rupees found in Hyrule.[3]


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