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The Blue Stalfos is the Sub-Boss of the Ancient Tomb, the eighth Dungeon in Oracle of Ages.[1]

Blue Stalfos (Sub-Boss)
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The Blue Stalfos is a large variant of a Stalfos that carries a scythe and resembles a Grim Reaper. It moves around in battle by phasing from one random spot to another, stopping each time to summon a ball of magic to throw toward Link. Most of these magic attacks are harmful, asterisk-shaped attacks that split into six pieces when near Link, but every third attack is a round ball with the ability to transmogrify its target. Link can use his Sword to deflect this attack back at the Blue Stalfos; doing so will briefly turn it into a fluttering bat with a Stalfos's head, vulnerable to damage by Link's Sword. However, if the magic ball hits Link, he will be turned into a defenseless baby for about eight seconds, and can only move during this time by crawling around slowly. The Blue Stalfos will also swipe at Link with its scythe if he gets too close. After taking enough damage in its bat form, the Blue Stalfos will be defeated and will leave behind a Fairy and a portal to the Dungeon's entrance.


  Names in Other Regions  
Language Name Meaning
  Japanese デスタルフォス (Desu Sutarufosu) Death Stalfos
  German Todesklinge Death Blade


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