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Blue Picolyte
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Blue Picolyte are items in The Minish Cap.[1]

Location and Uses

Blue Picolyte is made from Pico Blooms by a Minish in the Minish Village.[2] In order to grow Blue Pico Blooms, Link is asked to bring Mt. Crenel Mineral Water.[3]

In Hyrule Town, if Link cleans the dust on the carpet by using the Gust Jar, Beedle will eventually start selling Picolyte. Blue Picolyte becomes available once the Minish grows a Blue Pico Bloom.

Once bought, the Blue Picolyte is stored in an Empty Bottle; however, only one Bottle of it can be carried at a time.[4] When consumed, Blue Picolyte increases the rate of finding various items.[5] The effects of Blue Picolyte wear off after approximately 30 seconds.


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