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The Blue Mail,(ALttP | LANS | ALBW)[1][2] also known as the Blue Clothes,(LADX)[1] are a recurring type of Clothes in The Legend of Zelda series.


A Link to the Past

BlueMail Sprite.png

The Blue Mail is the second Mail Link can wear in A Link to the Past. It is hidden in a Big Chest in the Ice Palace of the Dark World. When Link wears it, the damage taken from enemies is reduced by half of the damage received with the Green Jerkin.[citation needed] Additionally, it turns Link's cap yellow. It is removed once Link obtains the Red Mail in Ganon's Tower, and if it is skipped, then the young hero will not wear it if he returns to find it.

Link's Awakening DX

The Blue Clothes half the damage Link takes, similar to the effect of a Guardian Acorn, except the effect is permanent as long as the tunic is worn.[3] They are accessible only after completing the special Color Dungeon hidden in the Graveyard,[1] where the Fairy Queen will allow Link to choose between the Blue or Red Clothes. Once he selects one of the special tunics, he can switch to the other by speaking to the Fairy Queen again. However, he can never regain the original green clothing.

A Link Between Worlds

The Blue Mail in A Link Between Worlds is typically found in a Big Chest hidden in the Swamp Palace in Lorule, but it can also be obtained later inside Lorule Castle. Whichever chest is not opened first will then contain the Red Mail. Wearing the Blue Mail will reduce the damage Link takes by half.[4]


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