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Blue Guard
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Blue Guards are enemies in Cadence of Hyrule.[1]


Blue Guards are stronger than the Green Guard, possessing more health and attack power then their weaker counterparts. There are two varieties of Blue Guard, with one carrying a shield that protects them from frontal attacks and one shieldless variant. The ones carrying shields can only be attacked from the sides or back unless the Ring of Piercing is equipped, while the shieldless variety can be attacked from all directions. Both move to the beat of the music, and share their movement pattern with the Green Guard by preferring to move in the shape of a circle on every other beat, always crouching on one beat before hopping onto an adjacent tile on the next beat.

However, if their path is blocked off by an object or enemy, they will immediately hop away in the opposite direction without crouching, then resume their normal beat pattern for two beats before attempting to form another circle. The circle could be either clockwise or counter-clockwise though the direction they pick is always random. Upon seeing Cadence, Link, Yves, or Zelda, they will become aggressive and leave their post in order to chase them.

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