"You got a Blue Bird Feather! Very few small birds possess this sky-blue plumage, making these feathers extremely rare."
— In-game description

Blue Bird Feathers are items from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Rare blue feathers from Chirris of the same color, Link can bring them to the Scrap Shop in the Bazaar in order to upgrade his equipment, or sell them to Rupin for profit on certain nights.

Blue Bird Feathers may be obtained in a multitude of ways: as a random prize in Clean Cut, found in Treasure Chests, or purchased from the Moonlight Merchant. Another way of obtaining them is from the source; if Link is able to catch blue Chirris in the Faron Woods with his Bug Net, he will be able to obtain one feather from each. They are used to upgrade the Reinforced Shield into the Fortified Shield and the Divine Shield into the Goddess Shield, as well as the Quick Beetle into the Tough Beetle, the Small Bomb Bag into the Medium Bomb Bag, and the Medium Seed Satchel into the Large Seed Satchel. Blue Bird Feathers can be sold to Rupin for 100 Rupees each on certain nights. Link can also when them by score at least 600 points in Pumpkin Pull after he has obtained the Piece of Heart (which is awarded the first time Link scores 600 points).

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