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Bludo is a character in Breath of the Wild.[2]


Bludo is the Boss of the Gorons in the Eldin region and the Boss and founder of the Goron Group Mining Company.[3][4] He lives in Goron City in a small shanty at the City's eastern end. Bludo has a number of Cannons around Eldin that he is able to operate.[5][6] Whenever the Divine Beast Vah Rudania starts terrorizing the Gorons, he and his partner, Yunobo, leave to drive away the Divine Beast. Working in tandem, Bludo operates the Cannons while Yunobo acts as the cannonball while using Daruk's Protection.[7] Yet despite their many attempts, Vah Rudania always returns.[8]

When Link arrives at Goron City, he meets Bludo there, who explains to him the Divine Beast Vah Rudania and how it has been terrorizing the Goron populace.[9] Their conversation is then interrupted when Bludo's back suddenly throws out.[10] Bludo was planning to drive away Vah Rudania again, but is unable while his back hurts.[11] He says that Yunobo went to the Abandoned North Mine to retrieve painkillers. However, to Bludo's annoyance, Yunobo has yet to return.[12] He asks Link to send Yunobo back if he finds him.

After Link returns from saving Yunobo, he meets with Bludo again at Goron City. Bludo is surprised to hear that Link does not know who the Goron Champion Daruk is, and points to a stone statue of him overlooking the City.[13] This invokes a Memory of Daruk in Link. Although Bludo is confused, he adds that Yunobo is a descendant of Daruk, and is thus able to use his ability.[14] Just as Bludo is about to leave to meet up with Yunobo, his back breaks again despite taking the painkillers.[15] With no other choice, he is forced to cancel and tells Link to inform Yunobo at the Bridge of Eldin.[16]

Later, after Link has returned control of Vah Rudania to Daruk's spirit, he meets with Yunobo at Goron City who tells him that Bludo wants to see him, and should not be kept waiting.[17] Bludo thanks Link for all he has done, but also teases him that he should have let him fight Vah Rudania now that his back is healed.[18] Bludo then entrusts Link with the Boulder Breaker, a sword that Daruk once used, which he keeps in a Treasure Chest inside his house.[19] If Link does not already have the Master Sword, Bludo will also add that Link should go find it.[20]

If The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack is downloaded, Link can ask Bludo about Daruk.[21] Not too long ago, he told a Rito bard many things about Daruk,[22] such as the power of the Boulder Breaker.[23] He also describes how Daruk carved out the valley at Gortram Cliff in a single using the Boulder Breaker,[24] so that the Gorons could reach their Rock Roast.[25] In addition, he told the bard another story that he seemed to like, but Bludo himself doesn't think it represents Daruk well.[26]

Link can also ask Bludo where Yunobo is. Bludo responds that, as he usually does, he's staring into the distance on top of the entrance gate to Goron City.[27] He notes that Yunobo is acting more confident than he used to,[28] and wonders if he's starting to realize what it means to be descended from Daruk.<ref."Maybe he's finally realized what it means to be a descendant of the Great Daruk." — Bludo (Breath of the Wild)</ref>


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