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Blind the Thief is the Boss of Thieves' Town in A Link to the Past.[1]


Blind was the photosensitive leader of a gang of Thieves from the Light World, situated in his hideout in Kakariko Village.[3] Blind, and his thieves worked at night,[4] leading a massive crime wave across Hyrule.[4] At some point, Blind was lured into the Dark World by his desire for the Triforce. As a result of his greed, Blind was transformed into a demonic being by the Dark World's power.[2] Blind became what appeared to be a flame-red demon with arms of pure flame, wearing a tattered white robe. Making his new hideout in Thieves' Town, Blind rarely left the darkness of his hideout due to the light outside, leaving the dirty work to his thief gang.[5][6] Becoming a loyal minion of Ganon, Blind was entrusted with guarding the fourth Maiden.[7]

When Link enters the Thieves' Town, Blind takes the form of the Maiden that he guards.[8][9] However, after he is led under a patch of light by Link, his true form is revealed.[10]


Blind assumes his true form once he touches the light, beginning the battle. To defeat Blind, Link has to slash at him repeatedly with the sword, or use the Cane of Somaria to place a block for the head to fly into, until his body collapses. His head continues to fly around the room, spitting fireballs at Link. Eventually, the body reconstructs and grows a new head. Each time Blind's body is reconstructed, the flying head will remain. This in turn makes the battle grow a bit more difficult for the hero, as he will have to strive to dodge these heads. After Blind's body collapses for the third and final time, the true maiden is freed and Link receives a Heart Container.

In the Game Boy Advance version, Blind returns in the Palace of the Four Sword. He impersonates Link's Uncle before revealing his true form.[11] This time, Blind's heads must be reflected back into his body. When Blind's health is low, his heads turn green and become faster.

Other appearances[]

A Link to the Past (Cagiva)[]

Blind the Thief first appears in Chapter 12 of the A Link to the Past manga by Ataru Cagiva where he and Agahnim devise a plan to unleash Ganon onto Link, Rasuka, and Leader, while he disguises himself as his captive Maiden just like in the game. When Link and his allies manage to reach the end of his hideout, Blind's Maiden disguise says the other Maidens were gone and she had a "defect" in the seal's bloodline, while cursing herself for being captured so easily, causing Link and his allies to realize they'll never return to Hyrule, breaking down their bond. Before Link and Rasuka's arguing could get any worse, Blind's Maiden disguise mocks the fact that a fragile human friendship bond can easily be broken and sheds his disguise. Rasuka and Link attack Blind and demand him to tell the truth, but Blind throws down an orb, spawning Ganon while warning them they'll be finished before perishing.


His name may be derived from the term "robbed blind", which is also coupled with his title as a thief.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
JapanJapaneseブラインド (Buraindo)[12]Blind
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  • Blind the Thief is the only Dark World boss character besides Ganon and to a lesser extent Agahnim to explicitly have originally been a light-worlder. The Himegawa manga adaptation of the game, however, depicted Helmasaur King, Mothula, and Trinexx as having originally been from the light-world and transformed due to their inner natures (shyness, envy, and vengeful hatred respectively).


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