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Not to be confused with Fire Keese.

Blazing Bats[1] also known as Firebats,[2] are recurring Enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.


A Link to the Past[]

In A Link to the Past, almost all of Ganon's most powerful attacks utilize Blazing Bats in some manner. They are summoned during the final battle against him where he will first create these beings by twirling his Trident, forming eight small fireballs in a circle, which will spread out then transform fully into Blazing Bats one by one, swooping at Link at high speed. Later in the battle, Ganon is able to launch single Bats either directly at Link or in a circular pattern, each Bat leaving a trail of flames in its wake. If Link is not armed with the Red or Blue Mail, they will cause four hearts of damage. They are also entirely invincible, and cannot be stopped, only avoided.

Link's Awakening[]

In Link's Awakening, the Shadow of Ganon will use Blazing Bats in a similar manner, reprising his attacks from A Link to the Past by using his Trident to summon a swarm of six Bats, though they do considerably less damage to Link.

A Link Between Worlds[]

In A Link Between Worlds, Yuga Ganon utilizes purple-colored Blazing Bats. Whenever retreating into his Painting form, the Blazing Bats will fire out of the walls. Like in A Link to the Past, the Bats are invulnerable and must be avoided.

Other Appearances[]

Ancient Stone Tablets[]


  • Ganon himself was able to turn into a huge bat in A Link to the Past, which had a similar appearance to these enemies.
  • The first floor of Ganon's Castle in Ocarina of Time has seven Fire Keese, possibly as a reference to the Blazing Bats from Ganon's earlier appearances.