"I'm da legendary champ, Blaino!"
— Blaino

Blaino is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. He is a stocky, penguin-like creature who enjoys boxing.


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Blaino runs a gym in North Horon. His rival is Ricky the Kangaroo, and at one point, Ricky loses his gloves to Blaino after losing a match against him. Link must defeat Blaino in a boxing match in order to get Ricky's gloves back. After this, Link can pay 10 Rupees to challenge Blaino again, and has the chance to win 30 Rupees if he knocks him out of the ring. However, if he cheats by equipping any of his items, no matter which; Link is disqualified and is forced to pay 20 Rupees for all subsequent challenges.

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In the manga

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Blaino (manga)

Blaino from the manga

Link and Piyoko encounter Ricky and Blaino outside of Blaino's Gym. They witness Blaino, who is the victor of a boxing match between the two, take Ricky's Gloves. Feeling sorry for Ricky, Link challenges Blaino to a boxing match without even knowing what it is. Link is overwhelmed by Blaino's skill, but becomes the victor when Piyoko discovers that Blaino is under a spell cast by General Onox. Under Piyoko's instructions Link attacks Blaino with his left hand which has the mark of the Triforce. The power of the Triforce breaks the spell and Blaino apologizes and returns Ricky's Gloves. He is last seen attending the celebration of Onox's defeat

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