"Hyuh, hyuh! You'll learn... Lissen up! We trade punches 'til one of us gets knocked outta da ring. And no items! If you break da rules once, da next match is for 20 Rupees. And no rings! Only fists! Got it?"

Blaino's Gym is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. As its title implies, it is a boxing gym owned and operated by Blaino. It is located in North Horon, just south of Natzu.

At one point, Ricky the kangaroo lost his boxing gloves after losing to Blaino in a match. Link retrieves Ricky's Gloves by beating Blaino in his own gym. After this, Link can participate in boxing matches as much as he wants for 10 Rupees, with the chance of winning 30 if he wins the match. However, if he attempts to use items of any kind (including Magical Rings) during any match, he will be disqualified and forced to pay 20 Rupees for any subsequent matches.

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