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Gonguron (Younger Brother)[2]

Bladon is a character in Breath of the Wild.[3]


Bladon is a Goron who lives in Goron City with his younger brother Gonguron. Bladon is furious with his brother because he had left to find the "secret of the hero," a mystery believed to be hidden in Gorko Tunnel.[2] Bladon believes that his brother is just using it as an excuse to slack off.[4] Speaking with him begins the first phase in the "A Brother's Roast" Shrine Quest.

Upon finding Gonguron in Gorko Tunnel, it is discovered that he has collasped from hunger and is unable to continue excavating the Tunnel. Bladon then shortly arrives. He instructs Link to bring back a Rock Roast from Gortram Cliff,[5] claiming that he cannot do it himself as he has a chronic condition called Goron shoulder.[6] Bladon cooks the Rock Roast that Link brings back, which invigorates Gonguron and gives him the needed strength to continue.[7] It is then revealed that the hero's secret is actually the Kayra Mah Shrine.

After finding the Ancient Shrine, Bladon and Gonguron return to their home in Goron City. The finding of the hero's secret has inspired Gonguron and he now digs in their home while Bladon cheers on. Bladon says that he is proud of him and must train harder to keep up.[8] However, he is also concerned that Gonguron's digging will ruin their house.[9] Bladon also claims that discovering the hero's secret has cured his shoulder, though he also admits how similar it is to the Ancient Shrine near Goron City.[10]


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JapanJapaneseブレードン (Burēdon)
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