Bladed Rhino Beetles are Materials from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They usually appear on trees and are especially common in the Great Plateau region and Necluda province. They are very skittish and will fly away if they detect Link's presence, so Link must collect them by sneaking or wearing sneaky armor. Like Rugged Rhino Beetles and Energetic Rhino Beetles, Beedle will offer to trade random dishes or elixirs to Link in exchange for one.


Bladed Rhino Beetles can be a main ingredient in Mighty Elixirs. Effects do not stack in Cooking, so Bladed Rhino Beetles cannot be paired with items of other effects without resulting in Dubious Food. As with other critters, adding Bladed Rhino Beetles to a dish or failing to add monster parts in cooking will also result in Dubious Food.

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