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The Blacksmith's Wife is a character in A Link Between Worlds.[1]



The Blacksmith's Wife is the wife of the Blacksmith and the mother of Gulley. She is upbeat and kindhearted, offering to make Link breakfast after her husband had scolded him for being late to work.[2] After Yuga traps Osfala in a Painting, Gulley goes missing. She and her husband grow increasingly concerned over his disappearance,[3] until Link rescues him from the Dark Palace. In her relief, she plans on making Gulley's favorite dessert to celebrate his return.[4][5]


After Hilda rescues Link from Yuga, the princess leaves him in the middle of a road near the Lorulean Blacksmith's shop. The Lorulean Blacksmith's Wife brings him back to her home to save him from the dangers in Lorule. Once she sees that the young hero is in good health, she kicks him out of her home,[6] disgusted that she committed nice acts. Humorously, she mentions that Link was mumbling the name Gulley, her Hyrulean counterpart's son, but she dismisses it as an unacceptable name.[7] After her husband sees the Master Sword Lv2, she becomes confused by his change of mood and asks if Link was the cause of the vicissitude.[8] However, once Link obtains the materials for her husband to forge him the Master Sword Lv3, her passion for her husband is reignited at seeing his own returned vitality.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
GermanyGermanFrau des Schmieds
ItalyItalianMoglie del fabbro
SpainSpanishEUEsposa del herrero
Latin AmericaSpanishLAEsposa del herrero
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