The Blacksmith is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. The most formidable blacksmith in all of Hyrule, he has a wife and a son, Gulley. Link is an apprentice blacksmith under his tutelage.


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At the beginning of the game, the Captain has enlisted the services of the Blacksmith to furbish his sword and shield. When he comes to pick them up, however, the Captain manages to forget his sword. Link is tasked with returning it to him. Later in the game, Gulley has disappeared, leaving his mother and father to worry. After Link rescues him, and in the process, discovering that he is one of the Seven Sages, he may inform Gulley's parents of this. If Link is in the possession of two Master Ore, the Blacksmith will offer to temper the Master Sword for him and re-forged into the Master Sword Lv2.

If Link has the Blacksmith's Lorulean counterpart temper the Master Sword Lv2 into the Master Sword Lv3 and talks to the Blacksmith in Hyrule, the Blacksmith will be surprised that he was able to have it re-forged and states that whoever forged the Master Sword Lv3 is a better blacksmith than himself, indicating that his Lorulean counterpart's skill is greater than his own.

Lorulean Counterpart

The Lorulean Blacksmith lives with his wife's Lorulean counterpart. Unlike their hylian counterparts, the Lorulean Blacksmith and his wife are childless. Like most of the inhabitants of Lorule, they have more negative personalities than their Hyrulean counterparts due the state of their world. However if Link convinces the Lorulean Blacksmith to re-forge the Master Sword Lv2 into the Master Sword Lv3, the Lorulean Blacksmith and his wife become less negative. The Lorulean Blacksmith's wife apologizes to Link for her crabby behavior and explains that seeing the determination on her husband's face while he was working on re-forging the Master Sword, reminded why she fell in love with him. This indicates that the Lorulean Blacksmith and his wife may have once been more positive.

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