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TotK Black Boss Bokoblin

A model of the Black Boss Bokoblin.


Hyrule Compendium Entry

128 (XXX) Black Boss Bokoblin
BotW Hyrule Compendium Black Boss Bokoblin
These heavyweight monsters are leaders of Bokoblins, and this variety has very high stamina thanks to their large muscles. Even skilled warriors will find them challenging due to their coordinated attacks involving minions. And those horns are just pure evil.
Common Locations
Hyrule Field, East Necluda
Recoverable Materials
Black Boss Bokoblin Horn, Boss Bokoblin Guts, Boss Bokoblin Fang


Boss Bokoblins started appearing after the Upheaval. They are powerful enemies who are found leading a group of Bokoblins. The Black Boss Bokoblin are even more powerful than the Blue variant make them an even tougher opponent. They are black colored with yellow marking all over their body and their horn is a double axe with two purple banners indicating their leadership. They also have a lot of attacks. Including commanding minions to chuck rocks, and charge attack. They can also ram Link with their horns too...