"This bird statue contains significant sacred power. If you offer prayers through it, you can make a record of your quest progress."

Bird Statues are objects from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are statues carved in the image of a Loftwing, with streams of color flowing through a base. Their chief purpose is allowing Link to save his progress. Bird Statues are found throughout both The Sky and The Surface; those found in the latter allow Link to return to The Sky. Furthermore, Bird Statues can be used as points of descent when Link enters one of the regions.

Similar statues can be found within the various temples Link explores on The Surface. However, instead of returning Link to The Sky, these statues allow him to return to the entrance of the temple he is exploring. The appearance of these statues differs from those found outside, resembling urns with two outspread wings. Unlike the statues outside, however, Link cannot return to any statue within the temple, and must retrace his steps in order to return to his location.

When Link meets Gorko for the first time, the Goron is confused as to the purpose of the Bird Statues. When Link approaches the Bird Statue near him, the statue begins to glow, allowing Link to use them to save his progress, quit, or return to The Sky.


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