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This article is about the stone effigy of a Loftwing used as a gateway to The Sky. For the item used in the Wing Ceremony, see Bird Statuette.

Bird Statues are Objects in Skyward Sword.[1][note 1][note 2] They are stone effigies of Loftwings that function similarly to the Owl Statues in Majora's Mask. They can be found both in the overworld and inside dungeons. All of the Bird Statues on the surface are activated when Link examines the special statue near the Sealed Temple.[4]

Location and Uses[]

Bird Statues primarily serve both as the save feature of Skyward Sword and as a gateway to The Sky.[5][6] When in a dungeon, they cannot be used to return to the sky; instead, they are used to teleport Link out of the dungeon, similar to the Magic Mirror from A Link to the Past or Ooccoo and Ooccoo Jr. from Twilight Princess. If Link dies in his journey, he can continue it at these statues, saving him the trouble of exploring the land or dungeon again. Even if Link does not want to save a record of his quest, it is recommended to visit these statues so that he may mark their position on the map and dive to them later in the future.[7]

Faron Province[]

Name Description/Location
Sealed Grounds Located at the top of the large pit that is found in the Sealed Grounds.
Behind the Temple Found right outside the back entrance to the Sealed Temple.
Faron Woods Entry Located at the entrance to Faron Woods.
In the Woods Near the wooded area in Faron Woods where Machi is found.
Viewing Platform On top of the viewing platform near the entrance to the Deep Woods and the entrance to the Great Tree.
Great Tree Top At the top of the canopy of the Great Tree.
Deep Woods Found on top of a lone, large spire in the middle of the Deep Woods.
Forest Temple Outside the Skyview Temple.
Lake Floria Found on a platform in the middle of Lake Floria.
Floria Waterfall Found near the entrances to Faron Woods, Lake Floria, and the Ancient Cistern.

Eldin Province[]

Name Description/Location
Volcano Entry Located at the entrance/base of Eldin Volcano.
Volcano East Located in the Eastern Part of Eldin Volcano.
Volcano Ascent Located halfway up the volcano and across the bridge where Link meets Impa in Eldin Volcano.
Temple Entrance Found at the peak of Eldin Volcano, near the entrance to the Earth Temple.
Inside the Volcano Located inside the Volcano Summit.
Inside the Fire Sanctuary Located near the Boss Door in the outside area of the dungeon called the Fire Sanctuary.

Lanayru Province[]

Name Description/Location
Lanayru Mine Entry Located at the entrance of the mine part of the Lanayru Desert.
Desert Entrance Found at the beginning of the vast desert portion of the province.
North Desert Near the entrance to the Lanayru Mining Facility dungeon.
Stone Cache Located outside the building in the southeast portion of the desert where one of the power nodes is found.
West Desert Located southwest of the desert portion of the province with sandfalls, outside of the Lanayru Caves entrance.
Desert Gorge Located in the valley of minecarts and Technoblins that leads to the Temple of Time.
Temple of Time Located outside of the temple.
Ancient Harbor Located at the harbor of the Lanayru Sand Sea.
Skipper's Retreat Located at the bottom of the retreat.
Lanayru Shipyard Found at the entrance of the Shipyard.
Pirate Stronghold Found at the entrance of the stronghold.
Lanayru Gorge Located near where the Thunder Dragon is found.


  • When Link is in the area of the Lanayru Desert containing the Temple of Time, the Bird Statue "Desert Entrance" is named "Lanayru Mine Entry" on the map, despite a different Bird Statue already having that name.


See here for the translations of each surface Bird Statue location.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in other regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
GermanyGermanVogelstatue (SS)Same as English.
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  1. Bird Statues were referred to as Loftwing Statues on the official Zelda website.[2] However, because this contradicts the name given in-game, it is not considered Canon.
  2. Bird Statues were referred to as Save Points in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword — Prima Official Game Guide by Prima Games.[3] However, as this contradicts the name given in-game, it is not considered Canon.


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