"A fresh bird egg necessary for making dishes such as omelets and crepes. You can snag them from birds' nests if you're sneaky. Nutritious and delicious, perfect for cooking."
— In-game description

Bird Eggs are Materials from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are curative items that restore Link's health by refilling one Heart Container. Link can buy Bird Eggs at the High Spirits Produce shop of Kakariko Village, find them inside bird nests in trees or on the ground, or from Cuccos which may randomly drop it when hit. Tamana raises Cuccos for their Bird Eggs in Hateno Village which she supplies to East Wind. She will give Link a couple each time he speaks to her though she will eventually stop saying she'll get in trouble if she gives him anymore eggs however one spawns in a Cucco nest within her coop. They are also given out for free by the Nintendo Switch News channel.


Bird Eggs can be a main ingredient in omelets such as Crab Omelet with Rice, Mushroom Omelet, Omelet, and Vegetable Omelet; entrées such as Fried Egg and Rice and Poultry Pilaf; and desserts such as Egg Pudding, Egg Tart, Plain Crepe, Honey Crepe, and Wildberry Crepe. Bird Eggs can be used as a secondary ingredient in many dishes without causing Dubious Food

Link can roast by placing them on a Campfire or hot surface to create Campfire Eggs. Bird Eggs cannot be frozen. Bird eggs are the only material that can be boiled. Placing a bird egg in a Hot Spring will result in a Hard-Boiled Egg.

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