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The Bird-Man Research Study is a Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild.[2]

Location and Rules[]

The Bird-Man Research Study is run by Branli on top of Ridgeland Tower. When Link first approaches him, Branli assumes he is now also trapped on top of the Tower.[3] However, when he hears that Link is capable of using his Paraglider to glide from tall heights,[4] he realizes that he could be useful in his research.[5] He proposes a study to see how far Link can glide,[6] and he promises to compensate him based on how far he can go.[7] In the event of an accident, Branli has Link pay a 20 Rupee liability fee.[1]

When Link agrees to participate, Branli suggest he keep his landing destination, the Wind direction, and his Stamina in mind during the study.[8] Link's distance is tracked the second he jumps off of Ridgeland Tower. To go as far as possible, Link should jump off the southeast edge of the Tower, heading towards the Breach of Demise. In addition, he can also use Revali's Gale to gain additional height at the beginning of the study.

Depending on how far Link manages to glide, Branli will have different reactions. If Link travels less than 450 meters, Branli says he has added nothing to his research and refuses to give him a reward.[9] He encourages Link to think of himself as a Rito, free from gravity.[10] In addition, he suggests Link make adjustments to preserve his Stamina.[11] If Link flies between 450 and 600 meters, Branli will call it a small step.[12] Initially, he offers Link 21 Rupees as a reward, but he relents and gives him a Purple Rupee.[13] Finally, when Link surpasses 600 meters, Branli will be amazed that his unconventional methods worked.[14] As a reward, he gives Link a Silver Rupee.[15]


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