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Bipin's & Blossom's House
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Bipin's & Blossom's House is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.[1]

Features and Overview

Bipin's & Blossom's House can be found in northeastern Lynna City in Oracle of Ages and in southwestern Horon Village in Oracle of Seasons. The House is identical in both appearances, appearing as a wide building with two entrances. The interior of the House is mostly sparse; the left side of the House holds two beds, a table, and some shelves for the family to use. The right side of the House has a patch of soil and a small pool of water, where Bipin may be found planting crops.

The House is where Link may come to interact with the family, especially with Bipin's and Blossom's son, Bipsom, whose personality and eventual choice of career is dependent on Link's decisions.

After Link defeats either Veran in Oracle of Ages or General Onox in Oracle of Seasons, the family will move away to the other land and the house will become vacant, with a sign outside announcing their departure.[2][3] Link may meet the family again in the other land in a Linked Game, where Bipsom will eventually grow into an adult. Link will receive different rewards from Bipsom depending on the child's career and the decisions Link made regarding him.



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