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Big Red Rupee
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Big Red Rupees,(OoS | OoA | FS | TMC | PH | ST)[1] also known as Magnificent Gems,(TMC)[2] are Items in The Legend of Zelda series.

Location and Uses

Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Ages

Four Swords

The Minish Cap

Big Red Rupees are only found in Treasure Chests in The Minish Cap. They are worth 200 Rupees, and several of them can be found in Treasure Chests that appear as the result of a Kinstone Fusion.

During the Picori Festival, Princess Zelda wins a prize from Pina, who offers her a Big Red Rupee as one of the options; however, Princess Zelda chooses a Small Shield instead, and gives the shield to Link.

Phantom Hourglass

Spirit Tracks


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