Big Pengator

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Big Pengator
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Big Pengator is a Sub-Bosses in A Link Between Worlds.[1]


A Big Pengator is the Sub-Bosses of the Ice Ruins, where it is accompanied by four regular Pengators. It shares the same characteristics, attacks and weaknesses as a regular Pengator, differentiating only in size and health.

When Link enters the Ice-covered room where the Sub-Bosses is encountered, the doors will lock behind him and the north wall will open up, revealing the Big Pengator and the smaller Pengators on a plateau, ready to dive into battle. After Link defeats them, the doors will reopen and a Warp Point will appear in the center of the room, which will transport Link to the entrance of the Dungeon and back.

Two Big Pengators can also be found on floor 18 of the advanced stage in the Treacherous Tower, which Link must fight in order to proceed.

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