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Big Manhandla is the boss of the Sea of Trees in Four Swords.[1]


Big Manhandla is a large, multi-headed plant. At the start of the battle, Big Manhandla will have two to four heads that will change colors depending on the number Links. As the blossomed heads circle around the battlefield, the corresponding Links must attack the flowers that matches their tunic while dodging the small green stones that Big Manhandla shoots.[2] On higher difficulties, Big Manhandla will sprout additional flowers that spit seeds at players. Each head will have a corresponding Lever that will cause it to open, revealing the necessary colors to destroy it.

Once all of the flowers have been defeated, two Levers will appear on the sides of Manhandla. The Links must pull these simultaneously to reveal the blossom, at which point two different-colored flowers will appear.[3] The same-colored Links must then strike the corresponding flower at the same time to damage it. If Big Manhandla is not defeated the first time the blossom is revealed, it will become more aggressive and will start to shoot seeds at the Links, trying to impede them from pulling the levers. Once Big Manhandla has been defeated, it will yield Rupees and open the portal to the Great Fairy of Forest, where each of the Links receives one of the Keys as a reward.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese デグチタート (Degu Chitāto) Big Titart


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