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Big Fairies are recurring creatures in the Legend of Zelda series. If Link touches one, it will completely refill the hero's Magic Meter, as well as some of his health. Big Fairies appear as floating orbs of light, just like the more common healing Fairies encountered throughout Hyrule and Termina. However, the orb representing a Big Fairy's body is somewhat larger than a typical Fairy's. Additionally, Big Fairies cannot be kept in bottles.

Big Fairies appear at two types of locations. The first is any Gossip Stone at which Link plays the "Song of Storms"; the second is any number of spots in Ocarina of Time to which Navi flies and turns green, but provides nothing to Z-target. At these spots, Link must play the "Song of Storms", or sometimes the "Sun's Song", to make a Big Fairy appear. Navi also exhibits this behavior at spots where playing the "Song of Time" will summon one or more Stones of Time, or where the "Scarecrow's Song" will summon Pierre; a Big Fairy will not appear at these locations.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Big Fairies restore eight hearts and completely refill Link's Magic Meter. They lack wings and thus simply appear as floating motes of pink light.

In the 3DS remaster of Ocarina of Time, Big Fairies are yellow and have visible wings. They completely restore Link's health and magic. When summoned, Big Fairies appear in a swirl of sparkles accompanied by the "puzzle solved" theme, similar to the way chests often materialize.

Big Fairies can be summoned by playing either the Sun's Song or the Song of Storms near Gossip Stones or certain places where Navi turns green. In the Royal Family's Tomb, playing the Sun's Song near the Skull that says Shine light on the living dead will cause one to appear and another can be found by playing the Sun's Song near the wooden flag pole found on Death Mountain Trail. Another can be found by playing the Song of Storms at the small pond on Hyrule Field near the entrance to Zora's River.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Big Fairies restore 18 hearts and all of Link's Magic Meter. They are pink, possess wings, and are rarer than in Ocarina of Time, not appearing at any non-Gossip Stone locations.

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