Big Deku Babas are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. These large plants are bigger versions of the average Deku Baba. They are usually found in forest areas. Because of their size, Big Deku Babas have a longer reach than generic Deku Babas.

Big Deku Babas appear in Kokiri Forest and the Forest Temple when Link is an adult. Apparently, their sudden appearance in the forested areas of Hyrule is caused by the curse placed on the Forest Temple. After Link defeats Phantom Ganon and awakens Saria as the Sage of Forest, all Big Deku Babas disappear from the area, and are not seen again. In the Master Quest version, Big Deku Babas are also found Inside the Deku Tree and in other dungeons.

Navi's Note

Navi Artwork Hit it when it lunges at you, and it will stand upright. Cut it quickly to get a Deku Stick!

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