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The Big Bang Game is a minigame in Oracle of Ages.[1]


The Big Bang Game is located inside the catacombs of the eastern peaks of Rolling Ridge in the present age. Like all the other minigames on Rolling Ridge, the Big Bang Game will be inaccessible until Link has completed the Crown Dungeon.

The proprietor of the minigame is an exhausted Goron, who will not feel up to starting a game until Link provides him with the Goronade energy drink.[2][3]


During the game, Link will find himself on ground that pushes him in a certain direction, with Bombs being thrown at him from off-screen. The objective is to last the duration of the game without being hit by a bomb.[4] As the game goes on, the bombs will slowly pick up speed until there is no pause between them coming in. The game lasts for about twenty seconds.

The main prize obtained for successfully completing the game is the Old Mermaid Key, which is used to access the Mermaid's Cave in the present. After the Mermaid Key is won, Link can play the game for Rupees, Gasha Seeds, and unappraised Magic Rings.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese バクダンゲーム (Bakudan Gēmu) Bomb Game
French Republic FrenchEU Jeu du Big Bang
Federal Republic of Germany German Bombenspaß Bomb Fun
Italian Republic Italian Gioco Big Bang
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Big Bang



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