"Aim for her when she appears!"

Beth is a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series. The second oldest of the Poe Sisters, she is adorned in blue robes.


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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Beth is one of the Poes who haunts the halls of the Forest Temple. When Link enters the central chamber of the Forest Temple, Beth and her sisters appear. They steal the flames of the torches that activate the Elevator leading to Phantom Ganon's chamber. Because of this, Link must give chase through the temple. Beth is found "haunting" the paintings in the narrow hallways located east of the room where the Fairy Bow is obtained. When Link looks at one of the paintings, Beth will quickly move to another picture. Link must use his Fairy Bow to hit all the three paintings from a distance, causing the picture to burn and disappear. Once all the paintings have been hit with arrows, Beth floats down to the bottom of the stairs and battles Link in a similar way to normal Poes.

Navi's Note

Navi Artwork Aim for her when she appears!

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Beth and her sisters are being held in the backroom of the Spirit House. The Ghost Hunter asks Link to heal their souls. Should he accept, he is thrown into a battle with the four sisters. If he succeeds in defeating all of them, he obtains their "earthly possession", a Piece of Heart.

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Beth appears to be named after Beth March, the second youngest of the sisters in Little Women.

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