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For the mini-dungeon in Ocarina of Time, see Bottom of the Well.

Beneath the Well is a vast maze-like mini-dungeon in Majora's Mask.[1] It is located in Ikana Canyon, and must be traversed in order to obtain the Mirror Shield and be granted entrance to the Ancient Castle of Ikana.

Entrance to the Well[]

The place is found to the right of the Spirit House, near where Tingle draws his maps. Although it can be entered at any time, full exploration is only possible after Link collects the Gibdo Mask.

Themes and Navigation[]

Inside the Bottom of the Well is a maze of colossal size, guarded by many traps and enemies. In front of each door within the maze is a Gibdo. In order to advance through the maze, Link must speak to each Gibdo and fulfill any need they might have, which can only be achieved while wearing the Gibdo Mask. In each case, they will request an item. However, instead of asking directly, they will give a cryptic clue as to what item they want.

A notable enemy within the Well is a Big Poe, which is intended to be captured in a Bottle and given to one of the Gibdos in order to proceed. Most of these items can be found in the Well, though Link will need to get the Potion(s) and Magic Beans outside the well. At the very end of the maze lies the prize, the Mirror Shield, and the entrance to Ikana Castle.

The Gibdos' requests are as follows:

Majora's MaskMajora's Mask 3D
Clue Answer
Leeeave me something delicious to chomp on. Something that sprouts when it's watered. Preferably five of them... OoT Magic Bean Icon
Magic Beans
Leeeaave me something that makes a blinding flash! Preferably ten of them. 10× Deku Nuts
Leeeaave me ten refreshing blasts! 10× Bombs
Leeeaave me something deliciously fresh! Fish
Leeave me a ghost...A big one at that! Big Poe
Leeeaave me something rich in calcium! Milk Chateau Romani
Leeeaave me something warm that can melt ice and quench one's spirits. Hot Spring Water
Leeeave me something blue that bestows health! Blue Potion
Leeeaave me something small and creepy! Bug
Leeeave me H...2...O. Spring Water
Clue Answer
Leeeave me something crunchy that sprouts leaves when watered! MM3D Magic Bean Icon
Magic Bean
Leeeaave me something that flashes brightly and can also be dropped like a bomb. MM3D Deku Nut Icon
Deku Nut
Leeeaave me something that goes boom! MM3D Bomb Icon
Leeeaave me something fresh that thrives in water! MM3D Fish Icon
Leeave me a ghost...a big one at that! MM3D Big Poe Icon
Big Poe
Leeeaave me something that a nearby cow makes when you play a certain song. MM3D Milk Icon
MM3D Milk (1/2) Icon
Milk (1/2)
MM3D Chateau Romani Icon
Chateau Romani
Leeeaave me something warm that can melt ice and quench one's spirits. MM3D Hot Spring Water Icon
Hot Spring Water
Leeeave me some medicine that bestows health! MM3D Red Potion Icon
Red Potion
MM3D Blue Potion Icon
Blue Potion
Leeaave me something small and creepy! MM3D Bug Icon
Leeeave me H...2...O. MM3D Spring Water Icon
Spring Water

Minor Enemies and Traps[]


  • The sign next to the entrance reads "Entry prohibited due to ghost sightings."
  • This is a unique area in the game in that it contains the only regular Fairy Fountain. This requires giving many items to Gidbos and moving along a path that will fail to bring Link to the Mirror Shield.
  • It is heavily implied that Pamela's Father became a Gibdo after he entered the well.[2]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 井戸の下 (Ido no Shita) Below the Well
Canada FrenchCA Au fond du puits (MM3D) At the bottom of the well
French Republic FrenchEU Au Fond du Puits At the Bottom of the Well
Federal Republic of Germany German Unter dem Brunnen Beneath the Well
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Bajo el Pozo Under the Well
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Bajo el pozo (MM3D) Under the well



  1. Encyclopedia, Dark Horse Books, pg. 150
  2. "I even tried to go into that well once myself... Strangely enough, though, I don't remember anything that happened there." — Pamela's Father (Majora's Mask)
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