"As per your orders, sir, we've been guarding these graves closely."

Beneath the Graveyard is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This cavernous complex is situated beneath Ikana Graveyard in eastern Ikana and has three entrances; each can be opened on a specific night in the three-day cycle. To enter through any one of these entrances, Link must wear the Captain's Hat to order the Stalchildren to destroy the gravestone situated on top of the entrance they are guarding.


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The chamber Link can access on the night of the First Day is the only one he must enter to complete the game. Inside, Link must defeat an Iron Knuckle to awaken Flat, who teaches Link the "Song of Storms".

The second chamber hides a Piece of Heart. In order to reach the Piece of Heart, it is highly recommended for Link to use the Lens of Truth to see invisible Skulltulas, Keese, and where solid ground is. Like in the first chamber, there is an Iron Knuckle in the final room.

On the night of the Final Day, Link finds himself in the largest grave of the three. Here, he finds Dampé whom Link must aid in reaching the patches of soil scattered throughout the area. Wallmasters infest the grave, making the task difficult, but if Link can lead Dampé to the three patches of soil containing Blue Fire, a Big Poe will appear. Dampé runs off at the first sight of the Big Poe, and Link is left alone to battle it. When the ghost is defeated, a Treasure Chest appears containing an empty bottle. After receiving the bottle, Link can follow a passage in the grave that leads to the inside of Dampé's hut. Here, he will find Dampé curled up in a ball underneath his bed, scared senseless.

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