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Beneath Hyrule Castle (TotK) is a location introduced in Tears of the Kingdom. It is a secret network of old caverns leading to the Imprisoning Chamber, the source of the evil infecting Hyrule.


Link and Zelda traverse the underground passageway beneath Hyrule Castle in search of the source of the gloom that has been infecting the people of Hyrule. Along their journey, they discover ancient Zonai architecture, along with murals that depict the Imprisoning War against a being known as the Demon King.

An uneasy feeling befalls Zelda when the Master Sword begins to glow, as it senses an evil energy. The two continue deeper through the passageway until arriving in the Imprisoning Chamber, discovering and awakening a decayed Ganondorf.


Some of the main path explored in-game is similar to what was shown in the game's first teaser trailer in 2019. Notably lacking are the animal companion, rats, and the large bridge. The areas leading up to the Imprisoning Chamber in-game are also much brighter than what was seen in the reveal trailer.