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The Beekeeper's Hut is a location featured in The Crystal Trap. Home to Conly and his Magic Bees, it is situated in the outskirts of the Town of Ruto.[1]


Princess Zelda can visit the Beekeeper's Hut after being told by Aldo that a man who lives there has Magic Honey, which is one of the necessary items to free Link from the Crystal as dictated in the Fairy's Scroll. If Zelda brings along with her the Fairy Flower Sap given to her by Estragon, the beekeeper will trade it in for Magic Honey and will also lend her the Magic Bees so that Zelda may arrive to the Midoro Palace before the sunrise.[2][3] However, if the princess did not bring anything to Conly, he will become angry and release a swarm of Magic Bees to attack her, who will injure her and eventually make her fall into a pit, resulting in a Game Over.


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  3. "'That's not all,' Zelda says, holding firmly onto the flask. 'I need to borrow your bees.' 'My bees?' Conly says. 'What for?' To take me to Midoro Palace. I must be there by morning,' Zelda answers." (The Crystal Trap, Simon & Schuster, pg. 71)