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Beedle's Shop Ship is a recurring floating shop on a boat which is run by Beedle in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2][3]

Appearances and Features[]

The Wind Waker[]

Beedle's Shop Ship is found sailing off the coast of many islands on the Great Sea (see Beedle's Chart).

Beedle sells and purchases items from customers. Each item purchased earns Link a membership point, which Beedle will tell you after each purchase. Upon earning a certain amount of points Link will gain Silver and then Gold membership status, and receive the Complimentary ID and Fill-Up Coupon respectively.

Beedle operates a special Shop Ship near Rock Spire Isle called the Rock Spire Shop Ship. In this shop, Beedle assumes an alternate identity as Beedle's Assistant. He sells an Empty Bottle, a Piece of Heart and a Treasure Chart.

Wares and Pricing[]

Item Description Price
TWWHD All-Purpose Bait Icon
All-Purpose Bait (3)
Good things happen to those who feed this stuff to animals! Do you have a Bait Bag, O fine customer of mine? TWW Green Rupee Model 30 Rupees
No Image Upload
Arrows (10)
... TWW Green Rupee Model 30 Rupees
No Image Upload
Arrows (30)
... TWW Green Rupee Model 60 Rupees
TWWHD Bait Bag Icon
Bait Bag
This holds bait. It's quite useful. And it's my very last one. You can't buy bait if you don't have a bag like this! TWW Green Rupee Model 20 Rupees
TWWHD Bomb Icon
Bombs (30)
... TWW Green Rupee Model 60 Rupees
TWWHD Hyoi Pear Icon
Hyoi Pear
You can't buy this anywhere else! Only here! I'm serious! Now's your chance! Buy buy buy! Buy! TWW Green Rupee Model 10 Rupees
No Image Upload
Piece of Heart
This is my last one of these, too. TWW Green Rupee Model 950 Rupees
TWWHD Red Potion Icon
Red Potion
... TWW Green Rupee Model 30 Rupees

Phantom Hourglass[]

Beedle's Shop Ship is also seen in Phantom Hourglass. But instead of him being in every section of the map, he comes to each one at a time following the SS Linebeck. However, he still keeps the membership status in this game and will give Link a Freebie Card or Complimentary Card each time he pays a certain amount of money. Additionally, on random days, a day may be determined to be a Point Day. On a Point Day, points are earned at five times the normal rate, at 20 Rupees per point instead of the normal 100 Rupees per point. For example, a Purple Potion with the basic membership (200 Rupees) would normally earn Link two points, but would be worth 10 points on a Point Day.

From 10am to noon on weekends and 10pm to midnight on weekdays, the Masked Ship appears instead of Beedle's Shop Ship. It is again manned by Beedle's Assistant.

Wares and Pricing[]

Item Price
PH Bomb Bag Model
Bomb Bag
PH Green Rupee Icon 1000 Rupees
PH SS Linebeck Model
Random Ship Part
Random Treasure Varies
ST Red Potion Model
Red Potion
PH Green Rupee Icon 80 Rupees
PH Wisdom Gem Model
Wisdom Gem
PH Green Rupee Icon 500 Rupees


  • In The Wind Waker, there is a shop ship within one square of every island. This excludes the Forsaken Fortress. Beedle also sends Link a map which shows the location and type of Shop Ship throughout the Great Sea.
  • If Link hits Beedle's ship with a bomb, it will stop moving for several seconds and smoke will pour out from within it.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite
Language Name
Beedle's Shop Ship Masked Ship
Canada FrenchCA Magasin flottant de Beedle (PH)
Bateau de Beedle Triforce piece
Navire au Masque
French Republic FrenchEU Boutiques Terry
Federal Republic of Germany German Terri-Händler
Italian Republic Italian Battello di terry
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Tiendas Terry
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Tienda de Beedle (PH)
Barco de Beedle Triforce piece
Barco Enmasarado

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    Notice to Silver Membership Holders:

    Thank you for your frequent patronage of
    Beedle Shop Ships.

    Since you have earned 30 points, you have
    been granted Silver Membership. All Silver
    Membership holders receive a special gift
    of one Complimentary ID.
    It is valid at all Beedle Shop Ships, so
    bring it to a shop ship near you.

    I look forward to your future patronage.

    " — Letter (The Wind Waker HD)
  3. "Ohhhh, welcome to Beedle's Shop Ship! I deal in anything and everything!" — Beedle (Phantom Hourglass)