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Beedle's Membership Cards are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[name reference needed] They are a reward and point system which function to provide complementary services so long as Link remains a loyal, continuous customer. There are different levels of membership Link can attain as incentive to stay buying and selling items to Beedle throughout the entire quest, though all items purchased and sold are replenishable items only, such as Hyoi Pears, Treasures, and Bombs, just to name a few.

Accumulation of Points

Beedle offers Link a Membership with his business that details a reward system for Link if he continues to provide Beedle with consistent patronage. Accepting the Membership offer is free, except in Spirit Tracks, where Beedle charges Link with a down payment of 100 Rupees.

In the three titles, Beedle maintains a point count that stems directly from the amount of items purchased in his store; however, each of the games has a different take on how points are actually accumulated. In The Wind Waker, if Link buys one item, he gains one point towards his Membership; in Phantom Hourglass, each item has a different point value based on its price and type of Membership; and in Spirit Tracks, for every 10 Rupees spent, Link gains one point towards the next Membership. As long as Link buys items in Beedle's Shop, he will continue to accumulate points, but after he has obtained the final membership available, the point system will cease, as nothing further can be acquired through it.

Perks of the Membership Card

The purpose of the Membership is to benefit both parties: As Beedle sees an increase in the purchasing of his products, Link gets price discounts, complementary cards, freebie coupons, and even Treasures in return for his valued patronage. Each membership comes with a different perk, and obviously, as the memberships increase in value, so do the value and significance of the extras that come in conjunction with the Memberships.


The Wind Waker

Once Link makes the required number of purchases, he can pick up the awarded card from any mailbox. Cards can only be used once.

Membership Purchases
Card Awarded Card Effect
Silver 30
TWW Complimentary ID Model.png
Complimentary ID
Beedle will compliment (heal) Link for his continued patronage.
Gold 60
TWW Fill-Up Coupon Model.png
Fill-Up Coupon
Receive a complete, free replenishment for all consumable items, such as Bombs, Arrows and Hearts.

Phantom Hourglass

Link earns one membership point for every 100 Rupees he spends.[1] Each membership level has a corresponding discount. This discount reduces the price of all items in Beedle's Shop, with the exception of Masked Beedle's Shop. As with The Wind Waker, Link may pick up the cards from a mailbox after obtaining the required number of points.

Membership Points
Membership Reward Card Awarded Card Effect
Silver 20 10% discount PH Freebie Card Sprite.png
Freebie Card
Get one item for free from Beetle's store. No points are awarded for this item. Cannot be used at the Masked Beedle's shop.
Gold 50 20% discount PH Compliment Card Icon.png
Compliment Card
Beedle will compliment Link for his continued patronage.[2]
Platinum 100 30% discount

Point values of several of the more expensive items increase.[citation needed]

PH Complimentary Card Sprite.png
Complimentary Card
Utilizes the Nintendo DS microphone to allow Link to compliment Beedle.[3] If no sound is detected, Beedle will complain, but the card will still be in Link's inventory.[4]
VIP 200 40% discount

Spirit Tracks

In order to collect shopping points and become eligible for rewards, Link must pay a 100 Rupee fee to buy the Club Card. This card acts as a proof of membership. As with Phantom Hourglass, each membership level has an associated discount, applicable to all items purchased at Beedle's shop.

Membership Points
Membership Reward Card Awarded Card Effect
ST Club Card Icon.png
- Allows Link to collect points by shopping.
ST Silver Card Icon.png
200 10% discount ST Freebie Card Sprite.png
Freebie Card
Get one item for free from Beedle's store. No points are awarded for this item.
ST Gold Card Icon.png
500 20% discount

Beedle will reward Link the Heart Container sitting at the back shelf of his Air Shop.

ST Platinum Card Icon.png
1000 30% discount ST Quintuple Points Card Icon.png
Quintuple Points Card
Receive five times more points for one purchase.
ST Diamond Card Icon.png
2000 50% discount

Beedle will reward Link with a Regal Ring, a rare treasure worth 2500 Rupees.


  • In Phantom Hourglass, the names of the Compliment Card and Complimentary Card are inverted on the Collection screen.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
FranceFrenchEUCarte de fidélité (TWW)[5]Loyalty card
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