Beedle's Island is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It is a small island in the northeast region of The Sky. As its name implies, Beedle's Island is the home of Beedle, who can be found there at night. The only way the island can be accessed during night-time is by sleeping in the bed in Beedle's Air Shop until nightfall, at which time Beedle parks his shop on the island. Beedle's Island contains two Goddess Chests, the first contains a Rupee Medal that can be acquired by activating a Goddess Cube located above the entrance of Skyview Temple, the second chest contains a Piece of Heart and can be acquired by activating a Goddess Cube in front of the Temple of Time.

Occasionally, Link can find Sky Stag Beetles here either during the day or at night. Starry Fireflies also appear on Beedle's Island at night.

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