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Beedle's Assistant is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.[2] He is Beedle's alter ego. He goes unnamed in The Wind Waker aside from the title with which he signs a Letter, Asst. Manager, Rock Spire Shop Ship.[1]


Beedle's Assistant manages a special version of Beedle's Shop Ship that sells expensive, unique items such as Pieces of Heart.[3] The first time Link enters the shop, Beedle's Assistant insists they had never met before. He claims to be closing the shop in seven days and is holding a "liquidation" or "clearance" sale.[4][5] Each day, Beedle's Assistant counts down the remaining days until closing day.[clarification needed] This is revealed to be a marketing ploy the day after "closing day", when Beedle's Assistant holds a "grand reopening" sale with the prices the same as before. He claims to have closed the shop for interior remodeling,[6][7][8] but in reality makes only token changes to the shops's appearance.[verification needed]

Beedle's Assistant wears a bronze(TWW) or gold(PH) centurion helmet as a disguise—his clothing and mannerisms are otherwise the same.[9][2]

The Wind Waker[]

Main article: Rock Spire Shop Ship

In The Wind Waker, Beedle's Assistant runs the Rock Spire Shop Ship near Rock Spire Isle. When Link gets the first upgrade to the Wallet, he becomes able to afford the Bottle, Treasure Chart, and Piece of Heart for sale at the Rock Spire Shop Ship. At that point Link receives a Letter from Beedle's Assistant advertising for the shop.[1]

Beedle's Assistant refuses to buy Spoils the way Beedle normally does. If presented with some, he claims not to know what it is and denies being Beedle.[10] This despite the fact that he appears on Beedle's Chart. Furthermore, if Link gives Carlov a Pictograph of Beedle's Assistant, the sculptor will make Beedle's Figurine.

Phantom Hourglass[]

Main article: Masked Ship

In Phantom Hourglass, Beedle's Assistant and his Masked Ship appear at random locations on the ocean from 10pm to midnight on weekdays, and 10am to noon on weekends (according to the Nintendo DS clock). He sells a single Piece of Heart and a "Good Thing" (a Courage Gem),[11] as well as Potions, Ship Parts and Treasure.


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